Eyelash Extensions - 
           Extensions are applied to your natural lashes one by one to create a natural look that allows your own natural lashes to look fuller and longer.  Lashes can be applied to look as natural as your own lashes for every day wear or we can create a more dramatic look that is sure to draw attention! 

After your full eyelash extension treatment, we recommend coming back every 2-3 weeks to restore your set to its original fullness.

Full set classic lashes - $150 

  • 2 week fill - $45  (up to 60 minutes)
  • 3 week fill - $60  (up to 75 minutes)
  • 4 week fill - $80  (up to 90 minutes)
  • New Client Fill - $105  (up to 120 minutes)
    If you‏ have had your eyelash extensions done elsewhere I'm more than happy to do a fill on top of your existing extensions. I will do my best to work with what you already have, but in certain cases you may need to have a removal and then start fresh with my lashes. You must have more than 50% retention when coming in for just a fill. If your existing lashes are sparse you will need to schedule enough time for a full set. The quality of the work must also meet my standards. If I feel your existing extensions are or will damage your natural lash, it is best that you have them removed and replaced with extensions that will be healthy for natural lash growth. After the initial fill, you can plan for my regular fill time and pricing. A new client fill will take approximately 2 hours. 

Lash bath - $15
          Please come to your lash appointment wearing NO make-up whatsoever.  A complimentary gentle cleanse is provided to ensure lashes are free of lint/debri for the best possible lash retention, but if you arrive to your appointment with make-up that still needs to be removed you will be charged for a lash bath in which I will take extra time and products to cleanse your lashes for you. 

Removal of lash extensions - $35

Sensitivity test - $30
           Some clients may require a sensitivity test to ensure no sensitivities or allergies to the lash extensions and other products used during application. This $30 non-refundable fee will be applied to the full set which is to be scheduled 24-48 hours after sensitivity test. 

Before arriving to your lash appointment...

  • remove all eye make-up prior to your appointment; clean lashes thoroughly
  • remove contact lenses prior to your appointment; or bring a lens case with you
  • be aware that you will not be able to wet your lashes for 24 hours
  • be aware that you will be relaxing on a lashes bed/table for approximately 2-3 hours with your eyes closed and will not be able to get up during the session; please plan accordingly

All treatments can be purchased as a package if prepaid: purchase 5 treatments and the 6th is free

Package deals are not transferable between guests, or refundable